30.09.2014 | Belgrade
Belgrade is featured in the October issue of the renowned French French magazine Avantages by the journalist Sophie Massalovitch who has visited Belgrade...


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Skadarlija Forever

This steep winding street, once known for its cobbles, gas lanterns among the blooming trees and famous taverns, was the centre of the town bohemian life.

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

Today, the remains of Turkish Belgrade in Skadarlija are exotic tourist attractions, cherished by inhabitants of Belgrade with respect and love for the traditional ways of life

Departure: on the first Sunday of the month at 6.00pm (May-October), in front of the Restaurant Kod dva bela goluba

Language: Serbian-English

Duration: 45 minutes

Discount: free

Information: Tourist Information Centre Terazije, Pedestrian Subway under Palace Albania +381 112635 622