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19.11.2014 | Belgrade
In its recently published article on Belgrade, The Globe and Mail, a major Canadian daily newspaper based in Toronto describes Serbian capital as one of...


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31.07.2012 | Belgrade

3D map of Belgrade on Google Earth

Tourist Organization of Belgrade

If you want to explore the most popular Belgrade attractions and localities that is now possible from any point of the globe, by using a 3D map of Belgrade on Google Earth.

The virtual presentation so far includes the most significant cultural and historical monuments in the central Belgrade zone: Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan, Prince Mihailo Street, Kosancic Square, Sava Dock and other important localities. 3D map will soon include Skadarlija, the Royal Palace and all Belgrade squares, before the final version which will also present 3D Zemun, Saint Sava temple and many other Belgrade streets.

When a tourist decides to visit a destination, he first visits a 2D map to learn more about the hotel, most important monuments and other localities for sightseeing, and then he usually takes a virtual tour in a 3D world on Google Earth. This way, a tourist get a prior knowledge and becomes familiar with a destination he is about to visit.

“The fact that Google Earth has 700 million visitors speaks about the popularity of a virtual promotion of tourist destinations on a global scale”, claims the author of the project 3D Belgrade, Zeljko Zdravkovic.

3D Belgrade is the project owned by the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, which aims to make visits of foreign tourist much easier, and present Belgrade on one of the most frequently used internet services in the world.