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Belgrade Info Guide
Belgrade Info Guide

Like the world’s metropolises Belgrade now has a comprehensive, multi-lingual guide in the form of free online applications-Belgrade Info Guide, available for free on Google Play Store. Created in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Belgrade and as a result of many years of work in receptive tourism, the application is a digital version of our homonymous, printed guide that combines all the information, advice and guidelines intended for guests of our city.

Introducing Belgrade in a new and fun way, and no wi-fi connection, is the main feature of this application.

The user is allowed to passing through the categories of android guide obtain information about cultural institutions, the city’s sights and the best hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping ..

With the aplication you will be up to date with all the upcoming cultural, economic, sporting events and the latest news relating  Belgrade.

Segment of application which special attention was given to is multilingual audio guide of 42 Belgrade landmarks. "Native" narrators will guide you through the city on texts by Predrag Djordjevic, one of the oldest tourist guides of Belgrade. Listening to these interesting stories,  note positions that you have visited, independently create a route, or use auto mode function and allow the application to inform you that you are close to some attraction, interrupt the music you are listening  to, and in your chosen language tells you a secret about  Belgrade.

In the off-line map with more than 1500 marked locations, you can preserve your position, create a detailed plan of your tour, give feedback, evaluate or share on social networks your favorite spots in Belgrade.

We hope that you will enjoy using Belgrade Info Guide and in it you will recognize hospitable host who will help you navigate through the city and make your stay more pleasant.

Welcome to Belgrade!

Belgrade Talking
Belgrade Talking

Belgrade Talking is a free application which takes users to more than 30 city locations bringing a brand new perception of the capital, in a simple, swift, informative and entertaining manner.  After downloading the app, simply point the smart phone camera towards the nearest location and a series of short stories will instantly open. An audio guide will be automatically activated allowing users to focus on the architecture of buildings, institutions, monuments, religious facilities and details rather than the phone screen. Maps provide an actual tour around the city as the application...