18. Jan 2020.

In Kombank Hall, former Grand hall of the Trade Union Hall, on Saturday, January 18, will be held unusual spectacle by the name "Night of the Belgrade's stories."

The host is a famous journalist and writer Zoran Nikolić, author of numerous books about the history of the city. On many occasions, he is simply a charmer who got together in a witty and bohemian way, the most beautiful stories from the past and the audience. The show will be followed by numerous photos of the former city ambient as well as fantastic videos from the Programme archive of the RTS (Radio Television of Serbia).

The particular dynamic of this night will be provided by the guests, also known as Belgrade lovers. Ansambl "Legende" that continues its cult career with a new singer will perform in front of the audience, as well as Ljuba Ninković; the musician whos chords marked many Belgrade's love.