Savamala District

The once industrial district - Savamala, was turned into a popular city corner for those into the urban scene. Among the old facades that mimic the Baroque and Art Nouveau style along the wide streets near the Sava River banks, there are a lot of impressive cultural activities, numerous clubs, restaurants and bars at this location today, in which, with the help of some good music, the younger population parties deep into the night. One of the best places located beside the river and a favorite to many, is Beton Hala, where you can find several restaurants and clubs, with a view on the Sava and Danube confluence.

While you are in this part of town, we recommend visiting the permanent exhibition in Manak’s house – a typical example of urban architecture in the Balkans in this period. Only a few steps from this building, you’ll find the Bosiljčić Candy Shop, where you can buy Turkish delight, bonbons with a variety of flavors and candy sticks made using traditional recipes. There is another building here that will be interesting for you.