14. 10. 2022.

International music world attraction, the ensemble "IL DIVO", will hold during this year, 2022, its unforgettable concerts in 60 selected cities around the world, including our Belgrade. The name of the tour is "IL DIVO - THE GREATEST HITS!" spectacular "homage" to all the most attractive musical arias of the popular "opera rock", a unique musical expression, which this charismatic ensemble nurtures.

All the best and most attractive songs from their "first" 20 years, as long as they exist, will be at the concert, which our music public and fans of IL DIVO are looking forward to.
This concert in Belgrade, but also the whole tour, will CELEBRATE LIFE, which we need so much after all, but it will also be an honor for the member of the ensemble Carlos Marin, who went to a better world by God's will (as a victim of Covid 19).
The charismatic members of IL DIVO are three tenors: David Miller, Sebastian Izambar and Urs Biler, who will be joined on this year's world tour by the great baritone Stephen Labri.

Before the concert, there will be a Meet and Greet meeting for the biggest fans, who will be able to hang out "live" with the band members.