Stefan Milenković and Nele Karajlić joined forces

21. 06. 2022.

Violinist Stefan Milenković and rocker and writer Nele Karajlić will present co-author's project “Rock El Classico” on June 21, 2022, on World Music Day, at Belgrade stadium “Tasmajdan”, an artistic fairy tale that unites different musical directions and removes walls between classical and rock music.

Their cooperation is a kind of experimentation, that's why the concert “Rock El Clásico” will bring new solutions, a dialogue of the incompatible. The authors want to contribute to the culture of the community they come from, and this project is of extraordinary importance for the art of the area.

The main reason for organizing the joint concerts by Stefan Milenković and Nele Karajlić is to create works that will continue their journey around the world, proudly promoting the culture of this region. It will not only be a musical concert, but also a scenic-visual spectacle. “Rock El Clásico” is a project whose essence is not just the starting point, but the entire path.