Belgrade Bus Station

Železnička 4, operator +381 11 26 44 455, fax +381 11 26 59 480,
Tickets are sold: 00-24h

Information and reservation
Local lines: +381 11 26 36 299, +381 11 26 23 170 (05.30-22.00h)
International lines: BAS tourist, Železnička 4, tel. +381 11 26 27 146 (07-00h)

BAS tourist, Maršala Birjuzova 2, tel. +381 11 26 22 526 (08-20h)

Portal is an internet service for online ticket sale and providing viable information regarding carrier’s departures from entire region, carriers, bus stations and destinations. Portal’s elementary goal is to provide mentioned services to the users, without having the user to visit the bus station.

In our online sales system, we have more than 20,000 destinations, of which the most attractive from Belgrade are to Budva, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Novi Sad, Zagreb, Mostar, Split, Vienna, Milan, Prague, Amsterdam etc. and you are just a few clicks away from all of them.

Type, search bus timetables for the point of departure and destination city, choose the most convenient bus line, click on “Buy Ticket”, finalize your payment and enjoy the ride. Your seat in the bus is guaranteed!

It’s possible to make a reservation if you choose an "Offline payment" method. If that is the case, our system will make a reservation of your seat, so you can make a payment at your nearest bank or post office. Just make sure that it’s not possible to make a reservation 48 hours before the departure.