The official name of the stadium since December 2014 has been "Rajko Mitić", after the first Red Star's star. Previously, the official name of the stadium was "FC Red Star Stadium ". Many fans simply call it "Marakana".

There is a central "Star's Five Stars" box within the stadium and it consists of five segments each bearing the name of one of the legendary Red Star's players (Rajko Mitić, Dragoslav Šekularac, Dragan Džajic, Vladimir Petrović Pižon, Dragan Stojković Piksi). There is also a VIP 2 box mainly for friends and sponsors of the club. The VIP 3 box is mainly for veterans and people who marked Red Star's history. A special VIP gallery with over 450 seats above the western stand, closer to the north, was built so that the stadium may rank with the most comfortable sports facilities in the region.

There are several cafes within the stadium in which fans can gather, and there are also sales stands at the stands where visitors can buy soft drinks and souvenirs.