Novak Tennis Center is located on the reconstructed tennis courts "Milan Gale Muškatirović" in the heart of Belgrade, in Dorćol, and it is surrounded by Kalemedan and the Nebojša Tower on one side and the confluence of Sava and Danube Rivers on the other.

There are 14 tennis courts within the Novak Tennis Center, 11 of which are made with premium clay, while three are with hard surfaces. Tennis courts are identical to courts in Rome and Monte Carlo.

There is an outdoor bar with affordable prices in the garden that surrounds the complex.  You can also use an extra space where children can ride bicycles or roller skate in the great ambience of this outdoor bar next to a fountain.

Trophy Room

The Trophy Room located on the ground floor of the complex contributes to the authenticity of Novak Tennis Center. It contains most of the trophies Novak Ɖokovic won in his career.

There are only ten such rooms in the world and it is a great honor to have one in Novak Tennis Center.

We know how difficult it is to win even a part of such a trophy, so it is a great privilege to have a possibility to be in this room, which is unique both in Belgrade and Serbia.