Belgrade Fortress

This fortress, constructed all throughout the 1st to the 18th century, with the aim of being a strategic place for defense   on the hill above the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, today represents an outdoor museum.  The Pobednik Monument (The Victor) which is the symbol of Belgrade, is the focal point of the entire area which is made up of the Belgrade fortress, divided into the Upper and Lower town, and Kalemegdan park.

Don’t miss out on seeing the Roman Well, the Great Gunpowder Warehouse, the Military Bunker and the Clock Tower on your walk. Take a look at the numerous exhibitions in the Military Museum, the Nebojša Tower and the Museum of Natural History. The Great Kalemegdan Staircase will bring you to a place with a breath-taking view over the Sava and Danube confluence, of Novi Beograd and Zemun. Down the landscaped path you can see many sculptures from the turn of the 20th century, erected in honor of writers, composers, and other public figures.