Knez Mihailova

If you decide to get to know the center of Belgrade better by walking, then Knez Mihailova Street and its surroundings are ideal for that. The street rests on the remains of the once mighty ancient Singidunum built by the Romans, and today connects Terazije Square with Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park.

When the wealthiest and most influential families erected houses on this street in the 1980s, it became the city's "housewife", the most vibrant shopping mall with elite Belgrade shops and the main promenade of Belgrade. Due to its great historical and cultural significance, the street is protected by the state. There are numerous historical buildings, monuments and cultural institutions: Gallery of the Cultural Center of Belgrade, imposing building of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts with a gallery where concerts and exhibitions are held, Zepter Museum with works of local contemporary painting, Belgrade City Library with basement premises Roman Hall with the remains of a gate and aqueduct from Roman times, cultural centers of France, Spain and Germany.

This street is never empty. Its centerpiece is full of Belgrade's favorite coffee restaurants. Walkers, fashionably dressed Belgrade women, street musicians and singers are part of her colorful everyday life.