Kosancicev venac

Tucked between blocks of modern buildings, Kosančićev venac has partially preserved the atmosphere of the 19th century with its cobbled streets, gardens and old-fashioned buildings. The whole neighborhood is interspersed with small cafés overlooking the river, as well as cozy wineries.

It has got its characteristic image from the structures which were built in both Balkan and oriental styles and have preserved the spirit of old-fashioned Belgrade: the Residence of Princess Ljubica and the oldest tavern in Belgrade – The Question Mark, in which even today the guests sit on three-legged chairs and low sofas and enjoy traditional Serbian cuisine. In the vicinity of Kosančićev venac, you will find the Orthodox Cathedral; across the street, the Building of the Patriarchate, built in both Serbian and Byzantine styles, houses the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church whose permanent exhibition illustrates its history.