Mountain Avala

Not many metropolises can say that they have a mountain only 16 km from the city center. This favorite spot for an outing in Belgrade offers the opportunity for rest and recreation throughout the year. The Avala Tower, erected as a replica of the old one from 1965, also with a telecommunications function, dominates Avala, one of the symbols of the city. It is a real pleasure to climb in one of the two elevators to the top of this tallest structure in the Balkans and look at the entire city and its surroundings from the cafe Panorama.

Within the tower complex there are some new touristic activities on offer: equipped children’s playground for the youngest visitors, a multifunctional sports field and open-air fitness equipment. The curious ones should visit the museum exhibit of cordless phones. The souvenir shop of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, with carefully chosen products reflecting the authenticity of the area, is the pleasure that should not be avoided. In the end we suggest that you rest and refresh in the shades of the cafes on Avala.