Even though there’s no gateway coming up to Skadarlija, when you enter this street from the hustle and bustle of busy Belgrade, its as if the gates from a past time open and lead you into this corner where you can feel the historical atmosphere. Belgrade citizens and guests alike excitedly come to spend their nights in this cobblestoned street with the aim to experience the essence of a past time. Skadarlija became a bohemian part of the city at the turn of the 20th century when actors, writers and painters moved to there, and the taverns of Skadarlija became the gathering places of the most famous individuals who were part of Belgrade culture.

The house where the well-known Serbian writer and painter Đura Jakšić spent his life was turned into a meeting point for poets during their nights in Skadarlija. This Belgrade quarter is compared to the Montmartre in Paris in terms of the appearance and the cheerful arty atmosphere. In present day restaurants of Skadarlija besides traditional specialties, the sounds of urban traditional folk music and the greetings you will receive from the lady of Skadarlija will help you experience the atmosphere of the bohemian Belgrade from the past.