Academic Park

Academic Park, its name representing the many faculties and cultural institutions of Belgrade, is a gathering place for the youth. Throughout Belgrade’s history the purpose of this area changed several times: during the Roman Singidunum thermae or public bathing facilities were located here, and during the Austrian rule in Belgrade in the 18th century it was used for military training. In the 19th century, this area was known as the Great Market.

The final appearance of the park and square was established in 1930 once the authority at the time had cleared away the outdoor market. Everything was fenced and monuments were erected dedicated to influential people of science: Dositej Obradović, scientist, linguist and the first Serbian minister of education; Jovan Cvijić, the great geographer and anthropologist and one of the founders of the Belgrade University; and to the biggest botanist on the Balkans, Josif Pančić.