The Nikola Tesla Museum

The Museum is housed in the family residence of the industrialist and politician Đorđe Genčić, built in 1927. The Museum is completely dedicated to the genius inventor, scientist and engineer Nikola Tesla, who gifted the humanity with great many significant discoveries and inventions. His inventions in the fields of electric engineering, mechanical engineering, radio technology and wireless control represent significant breakthroughs in science and technology and have changed the world around us with their ingenious solutions and universal applications.

The museum’s permanent exhibition displays the most relevant areas of Tesla’s work using photographs, notes, documents and interactive models. This exhibition comprises only a part of Tesla’s legacy. The part of the exhibition with his personal belongings, objects he used every day and instruments from his laboratories is extremely popular with the visitors. A particular attraction of this tour is the interactive demonstration of how Tesla’s most relevant inventions operate using their models, including the high-voltage transformer.