Dead Can Dance

12. May 2022.

Dead Can Dance – the most significant music group in the world, and according to many, also unique musical phenomenon is back to visit the Belgrade audience on May 12th, 2022.

After very successful first visit to our country back in 2019, the upcoming concert will take place in Stark Arena.

Dead Can Dance formed in Melbourne in 1980 — Gerrard was 16 and Perry was 19 when they started working together — and they decamped within a few years for London, where they recorded their goth-rock–inflected, self-titled debut. Within a few years, they dispensed with rock all together and started exploring elements of classical music, opera and Greek and Middle Eastern music on brilliant albums like Within the Realm of a Dying Sun and The Serpent’s Egg. By the mid Nineties, when an album like Chant was able to go double platinum at the height of grunge, they reached their commercial peak and their influence reverberates through the works of the Chemical Brothers, Slowdive, Björk and Nine Inch Nails. They’re also tangentially responsible for Europe’s pagan-music movement led by artists like Wardruna and Corvus Corax. They split in the late Nineties, and both pursued solo careers, with Gerrard contributing to the Golden Globe–nominated Gladiator soundtrack, but they reunited briefly in 2005 and permanently in 2011, releasing the excellent Anastasis album a year later.

The tickets for this event will be on sale from Friday, September 17th at 10 am via