28. Sep 2021.

Ara Malikian, violinist of Armenian-Lebanese origin, will perform in the Kombank Hall on September 28, 2021, on the European leg of his world tour. 

The tour, called “The Royal Garage,” at which he will promote his eponymous album, will cover the most important capitals of the world where Ara will perform in the most prestigious concert halls and theatres: London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Rome, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, Mexico City, Beijing, Hong Kong, Madrid, Berlin, and Belgrade.

Ara Malikian is a world-renowned violinist. He is often called “a Lebanese virtuoso dusted with Armenian spices”. Over the years, the classically educated musician has mixed music from different cultures, including Spanish flamenco, Argentine tango, and gypsy music. His interpretations are rooted in Arabic and Jewish culture. He also often plays rock song covers and film hits during concerts.

Born in 1968, he now lives in Madrid. Malikian has recorded more than 40 albums and produced many plays.

For his musicality and virtuosity, as a young violinist, he was awarded the Niccolò Paganini Prize. Because of his stage image, he is also known as “the Jimi Hendrix of the violin”.