25. Sep 2021.

Perpetuum Jazzile is one of the most spectacular and largest vocal groups in the world that comes from Slovenia. Popular thanks to their powerful rhythm, rich harmony, positive energy, unmatched creativity, and a distinctive mix of different genres of music, which reproduce only the human voice – folk, pop, jazz, gospel, blues, bossa new, disco, funk, and others. 

The rich repertoire of Perpetuum Jazzile includes unique vocal arrangements of the world’s famous gems like ABBA, Toto, Michael Jackson, The Queen, Daft Punk, David Guetta, Lady Gaga, Earth, Wind & Fire, Billy Joel, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, George Benson, Bee Gees and other music legends.

These are not just creative vocal performances, which have also attracted many renowned musicians around the world. Still, Perpetuum Jazzile has always given energy and a powerful sound that many people do not expect from a human voice.

Perpetuum Jazzile was founded in 1983, under the influence of the former art director Marko Tiran, who started with a group (under the name Gaudeamus) by performing demanding jazz vocal ensembles. Tomaž Kozlevčar played an essential role in the development of Perpetuum Jazzile in the period 2001-2010. He wrote some of the legendary arrangements for the band, such as Africa, Avsenik Medley, Summer Night, and many others; he also participated in the development of sound production.

Today, Perpetuum Jazzile is known as the most popular vocal orchestra on YouTube, wherewith all the songs (and the song “Africa” ​​in the foreground), it already exceeds 50 million views. The videos of the award-winning Perpetuum Jazzile were also among the 40 most popular YouTube videos, and for the success of Africa, Viktor received special achievements in 2008.

In 2011, the role of music director was taken over by world-renowned vocal music teacher Peder Karlsson, a founding member of the legendary Swedish vocal group The Real Group. Under his leadership, the group developed its stage design and expression and practically became positioned with world-class top vocal groups.